Thursday, April 5, 2012

Beggars and Little Urchins

Allow me first to dispense with the usual rhetoric: The government should do something about them. And I will not get into specifics like where the camps would be and what disposal procedures should be used. Or perhaps even give them an education and a future (I’m sure most of the kids are quite bright).


Oh, and giving them money only reinforces the idea that THIS is what they should be doing instead of being at school. So yes, you ARE a bad person if you give them money (even if it makes you feel better about yourself).

Assuming they grow up and some disease does not kill them, they will end up like this:

And eventually, they will die. A group of AUB students will probably decide to make a small statement, perhaps also put flowers on the spot on the street where they used to cumber, just to make themselves feel better (again). And their memory wiped out. Well not really. This blog will be there for a long time…

How sad; human life is worthless.


  1. Great article Mazen ! Photos are so expresive . Best of luck .